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   两者均表示“杯子”,但cup主要指带有手柄的杯子,如茶杯、咖啡杯等;而glass意为“玻璃杯”,指由玻璃做成的杯子,如喝啤酒用的啤酒杯,喝红酒用的高脚酒杯等。汉语说的“一杯……”,英语可用a cup of和a glass of,但有一定区别,使用原则如下:

  1. 表示酒类的东西,一般用a glass of。如:

  Would you like a glass of sherry? 要来一杯雪利酒吗?

  He drank the glass of whisky in one gulp. 他把整杯威士忌一饮而尽。

  Most likely he had gone for a glass of beer. 很可能他去喝杯啤酒去了。

  I poured him a glass of wine, which he drank at once. 我给他斟了一杯葡萄酒,他马上就喝了。

  2. 表示除酒类之外的东西,一般用a cup of。如:

  Would you like a cup of coffee? 您想喝一杯咖啡吗?

  They had a chat over a cup of tea. 他们喝茶时聊着天。

  She drank a cup of pineapple juice. 她喝了一杯菠萝汁。

  Mother gave me a glass of milk. 妈妈递给我一杯牛奶。

  He poured himself a glass of orange juice. 他给自己倒了一杯橙汁。

  I was merry after only a glass of champagne. 我喝了一杯香槟后就有点儿醉了。

  He measured out a cup of milk and added it to the mixture. 他倒了一杯牛奶,掺了进去。

  3. 表示一杯水,一般用a glass of。如:

  Would you like a glass of water? 你想喝杯水吗?

  He drank three glasses of water. 他喝了3杯水。


  Two glasses of lemonade, please. 请来两杯柠檬汽水。

  He refreshed himself with a glass of iced tea. 他喝了杯冰茶来提神。

  After another cup of whisky she started to feel dizzy. 又喝了一杯威士忌后她开始感到头晕。


  You need two cups of flour and half a cup of butter. 你需要两杯面粉和半杯黄油。

  As a rough guide, allow half a cup of rice per person. 大致定个标准,就是每个人半杯米。

  4. 用于表示“优胜杯”“奖杯”“锦标赛”等意义时,习惯上用cup,不用glass。如:

  The captain of the winning team raised the cup in the air. 获胜球队的队长高举奖杯。

  During the World Cup our streets were filled with football fans. 在举行世界杯期间,我们街上挤满了足球迷。

  We got knocked out of the Cup in the first round. 我们在锦标赛的第一轮比赛中就被淘汰了。