limit、 restrict、 confine的区别

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  limit 多指时间、空间、数量方面的限制。名词limit 后接介词on。

  1) There is pressure on the British Government to limit the number of immigrants permitted to settle in the U. K.


  2) Some bankers want legislation to be passed to limit the growth of foreign banks in the state of California.


  3) China has also imposes strict limits on exports to restrain domestic prices.


  restrict 指限制行为、活动、事物的范围,其名词是restriction,后接介词on。

  1) The fat woman, who wants to get slim, has to restrict herself to two meals a day.


  2) By 1990, many municipalities had begun to restrict the use of automobiles in order to ensure pedestrian safely.


  3) His knowledge got narrower and narrowed and restricted to his own specialty.


  4) As a general rule, there are currency restrictions on the sums allowed for foreign travel.


  5) Lack of machinery and lack of advanced technology are believed to be two major restrictions on the growth of our company.


  confine 原意是“禁锢”,引申出不可逾越出限定的范围。常用结构是:confine ……to ……。

  1) After his wife’s death, he confined himself to his room, listening to sad music all day long.

  (他的妻子死后,他自己关(禁锢)房间里, 整天听着悲伤的音乐。)

  2) Would you please confine yourself to the topic under discussion?