career、 occupation、profession、vocation的区别

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  career 指长期、终身从事的职业或事业生涯(可是一项或多项职业。)

  1) Mr. Smith had an unusual career; he was first an office clerk, then a sailor, and ended up as a school teacher.


  2)In the West, students are not always influenced by their parents in their choice of a career.


  occupation 可泛指职业,也可指一般性的职业。

  1) Much of the salary differential results from the tendency of women to be in lower-paying occupations.


  2)The principal occupation of the inhabitants of this small seaside town is fishing and seafood process.


  profession 指需要较高学识和专门技能从事的并有一定社会地位的职业。

  1) Not every person is suited to become a nurse. Only very dedicated people have chosen nursing as a profession.


  2) A career in itself requires one’s lifelong devotion, but it does not mean that after you get into a profession you must continue all along.


  vocation 主要指尽义务或有责任使命感的职业,也可指技术性职业。

  7) Nursing is a vocation as well as a profession.


  8) Judge vocation is a special professional vocation which requires high personable morality.

  (法官职业是一种特殊的专业职业, 需要有很高的个人道德。)