suspended coffee 是什么

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  How about buying a cup of coffee for someone you’ll never meet? It may sound like the latest trend in showy barista techniques, but a "suspended coffee" is much more heartwarming than a snazzy latte.


  Born in the cafes of Italy’s southern city of Naples, the "caffe sospeso" (which literally means “suspended coffee”) is a tradition in which someone pays in advance for an extra cup or two, which can then be consumed by a coffee-drinker-in-need later in the day.

  “待用咖啡”的意大利语是caffe sospeso,这个传统起源于意大利南部城市那不勒斯的咖啡馆,在那里人们可以提前多买一两杯咖啡,给其他可能比较贫困的咖啡爱好者享用。

  A customer-in-need can then later ask if there is a “suspended coffee”available and have a hot drink without having to pay for it.


  The idea has become an international internet sensation with coffee shops in Europe and North America participating in the movement. The Facebook page alone has more than 28,000 “likes.”


  The tradition of “suspended coffee”is a long-standing tradition in Italy that increased in popularity after the Second World War. Agence France-Presse reported last week that the practice was starting to take hold in other European countries hit hard economically. More than 150 cafés in Bulgaria were taking part.


  At cafes that participate in the custom, customers can ask if there are any “suspended coffees”available, and if so, they are supplied with a beverage, thanks to the kindness of a stranger.